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  • No3/2015

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    SPEAR’S RUSSIA – самый авторитетный и влиятельный в России журнал тематики private banking & wealth management. Действительно успешные инвестиционные идеи, советы по управлению капиталами семьи, вопросы налогообложения крупнейших состояний, а также интервью с российскими миллионерами и миллиардерами и представителями индустрии private banking и wealth management – таковы основные тематические приоритеты издания. Г лавный редактор русской версии журнала SPEAR’S – Андрей Вадимович Вдовин – совладелец «Азбуки Вкуса», Азиатско-Тихоокеанского Банка, M2M Private Bank и MEDIACRAT. Будучи успешным предпринимателем с более чем 20-летним опытом работы в банковской сфере, Андрей Вдовин воплощает в себе образ идеального читателя SPEAR’S Russia.
  • No.473_Mar-26-15

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    Wealth Magazine 財訊雙週刊

    2008 年金融大海嘯的變化打亂了平靜的全球經濟規則,瞬息萬變的國際情勢,如洪流般快速變化。立足台灣 36年的《財訊》,不僅不能放鬆腳步,更要加快我們的速度,把最真實、最深入的財經資訊,提供給廣大的讀者,為讀者創造最大的財富機會。 2009年10月28日起以全新的《財訊 雙週刊》正式發刊,更迅速的反應新聞的變化,更快速地為讀者篩選出真正有用的資訊,而用如月刊般嚴謹的查證追蹤,深入報導新聞始末,讓這本雙週刊既有月刊的深度,也具有周刊的速度! 《財訊 》 雙週刊希望更貼近我們與讀者的距離,因此在內容上,我們也將更多元化、更豐富,除了既有的財經及政治深入報導之外,還會有更多金融訊息與投資含量,給讀者更專業、更豐富、更實用的財經資訊。
  • How to set up an Online Business

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    How to set up an Online Business

    Make money on the internet!

    Everything you need to know to make money on the internet! This guide shows you the types of businesses flourish and those that flounder, and is your ultimate guide when looking to develop a profitable online business. Helping you understand and approach your market, compete with your competition, and use the internet to your advantage, this MagBook will help you develop the level of online savvy vital in digital entrepreneurship.
  • April 2015

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    Shop Smart

    No Hype + No Ad's + Just Great Buys!

    ShopSmart is the lively new, guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help readers find the best products and services for home, yard, health, fitness, food, electronics, family, autos and more. Like Consumer Reports, it is independent and carries no outside advertising.
  • March 2015

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    Money Today

    Personal Finance Magazine

    Money Today is a comprehensive, easy-to-read personal finance magazine that steers clear of the jargon that's common to money-related issues. The content is both topical and timeless. Most important, it is utilitarian, offering readers clear tips on managing their money--be it investing in mutual funds, buying stocks or a house or car. It even offers help when negotiating a new salary or setting up your own business. In short, Money Today takes the guesswork out of investing and helps you maximize your returns.
  • Winter-12

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    Success With Your Money

    Success With Your Money, a special edition from Kiplinger, will tell you how to make the most of your money -- and make a seamless transition to the next phase of your life. It's a step-by-step guide to realizing the dreams of a lifetime! Kiplinger's Success With Your Money will give you guidance on rebuilding your retirement accounts, salvaging college savings, finding higher yields on your cash, balancing the family budget and much more!
  • March - April 2015

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    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

    Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine is the magazine of record for individual real estate investors and the real estate investment industry. Published since 2003, PREI finds and showcases investment opportunities, tools, techniques and resources that can help an investor find, make and save money in property investment.
  • April 2015

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    Consumer Reports

    Ratings, recommendations, reliability reports, safety and price comparisons from the world’s largest consumer testing center. Helps consumers make better choices for everything from cars to cell phone service. The only magazine of its kind: Expert, independent, nonprofit. 100% unbiased. Consumer Reports accepts no outside advertising.
  • March 2015

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    Capital CEO 資本才俊

    For Those Who Dare To Take Up The Challenge And Win

    《資本才俊》–集財經資訊和生活享受於一身的商業月刊,訪問不同行業精英,管理高層和企業家,探討市場趨勢及先見、分享職場上和創業之路的致勝之道,並且緊貼新一代CEO在卓越成就上和時尚生活上的多采世界。 CAPITAL CEO - Gives readers intensive coverage and quality articles about CEO's tremendous business strength, strategic planning, unique business vision, but also their passion, satisfaction and frustrations that come along with their multi-tasking role in the sophisticated world of business.
  • March 2015

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    CAPITAL 資本雜誌

    The Magazine for Greater China Business

    CAPITAL Magazine, the flagship publication of South China Media is the most influential monthly business magazine in the Greater China region. It captures successful stories of listed companies and large corporations, with content such as professional financial analysis, property investment and market news. Its lifestyle section covers a broad range of subjects including travel, health, luxurious consumer products, watches, automobiles and IT products. 《資本雜誌》是南華傳媒的旗艦財經月刊,作為大中華地區具影響力的財經月刊, 雜誌不僅對社會熱議的議題作出深入報道,同時為讀者介紹本港上市公司及大型企業的最新發展情況,從微觀及宏觀經濟角度剖析這些企業的成功故事,揭示背後的成功之道,以及每位企業家對工作、家庭及社會肩負的使命。
  • March 2015

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    SA Real Estate Investor Magazine

    Building Personal Wealth Through Property Investment

    Real Estate INVESTOR Magazine (REIM) is for passionate property professionals and those who are serious about building their wealth through property investment. The editorial has a strong educational focus on all areas of property investing, from residential and commercial to offshore investing. REIM is a helpful and well-organised magazine that provides readers with how to’s, checklists and valuable editorial supplying actionable information they need and can use to make them better investors.
  • Spring-12

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    Kiplinger’s Mutual Funds

    Here's the new edition of the fact-and-idea-packed guide that's helped hundreds of thousands make smart and profitable mutual fund investments. <i>Kiplinger's Mutual Funds</i> includes ranking and comprehensive data on more than 2,600 funds -- and solid advice on how to use that data.
  • No.26

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    Manager Today Special Issue 經理人. 主題特刊


    《經理人月刊》編輯部除了每月一日固定藉由「月刊」形式,為讀者接軌國際管理新知,深入探索本土企業管理案例與職場管理達人,並以徹底解讀、即學即用的編 輯角度,填補經理人的管理需求,提供經理人解除焦慮的最佳對策之外,也透過「主題特刊」協助讀者徹底了解單一議題,培養個人的深度專業。 已在Zinio發行的有《數字力-128則升遷必備數字觀念 》《變身提案力高手》《變身工作快手》《1天1分鐘變身工作達人》《業務力特刊》《麥肯錫工作術》每本只要NT$99元歡迎選購。
  • 2014

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    Kiplinger's Retirement Planning

    Kiplinger's Retirement Planning is filled with sound planning strategies and carefully researched investment advice to assure you of a rich, worry-free retirement -- whether your retirement is imminent or years away. In this special edition, you'll find practical advice on how to recover your losses and invest for your future, step-by-step advice from the experts at Kiplinger's, easy portfolio options and so much more!
  • April 2, 2015

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    Finweek - English

    Finweek is South Africa’s leading financial weekly magazine focusing on investment.

    Finweek is South Africa’s leading financial weekly magazine focusing on investment. With its brisk, creative and authoritative analysis of business and investment issues, it’s an essential business tool in the daily battle for competitive advantage. Today's business decision-makers have to cope with increased pressure on their time and are expected, more than ever before, to succeed in the face of stiffer competition. Finweek provides relevant information in quick bytes, along with award-winning investment advice.
  • April 2, 2015

    50 números /  94,00 €

    Finweek - Afrikaans

    Finweek is Suid-Afrika se voorste finansiële weeklikse tydskrif wat hom op belegging toespits.

    Finweek is Suid-Afrika se voorste finansiële weeklikse tydskrif wat hom op belegging toespits. Met sy lewendige, kreatiewe en gesaghebbende ontleding van sake- en beleggingskwessies is dit ’n noodsaaklike sakemiddel in die daaglikse stryd om mededingende voordeel. Vandag se besluitnemers moet meer druk op hul tyd kan verwerk en daar word nou meer as ooit van hulle verwag om suksesvol te wees, ongeag feller mededinging. Finweek bied relevante inligting in vinnig verteerbare porsies, met bekroonde beleggingsadvies as die nagereg.
  • Mar��o 2015

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    RI - Relações com Investidores

    A principal revista mensal brasileira sobre negócios, finanças, mercado de capitais e relações com investidores.

    A principal publicação mensal brasileira na área de Negócios, Finanças, Relações com Investidores e Mercado de Capitais. Dirigida à comunidade de investimentos no Brasil. Comunicação Corporativa, Sustentabilidade, Governança Corporativa, Responsabilidade Socioambiental, Branding, Criação de Valor, Legislação Societária, Mercado Global, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Fusões & Aquisições, experiências de empresas brasileiras e estrangeiras. A revista é destinada a diretores e executivos de finanças, investidores institucionais e individuais, analistas financeiros, profissionais de investimentos, e todos aqueles que participam no mercado de capitais brasileiro.
  • Offshore Manual 2011

    1 número  /  3,69 €

    Real Estate Investor Offshore Handbook

    Building personal wealth through property investment

    REIM provides high-value investor information , relevent editorials with a strong educational focus in the residential as well as the commercial and offshore real estate markets. REIM is designed to be a helpful guide that provides readers with valuable advice , tips and actionable information investors and landlords need to make better investment decisions
  • How to Save Money Online

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    How to Save Money Online

    The ultimate guide to saving money on the web

    Everyone likes saving money, and this MagBook features 300 tips guaranteed to save you hundreds of pounds! We all know that the web can save you money, but finding the best deals and money-saving tips can take a lot of time and effort. How to Save Money Online, featuring secret tips from MoneySavingExpert's Martin Lewis, does the hard work for you to reveal the web's top free software, uncover the tricks to grabbing secret online bargains and explains the ingenious ways you can make money! Give yourself the gift of a fuller wallet this year with this great money saving guide.
  • No.42_Mar-15

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    Wealth Magazine Special 財訊趨勢贏家

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